We at Mobarakandish Group started our activities in 1998. Our team of leading experts in the fields of Animal Sciences, Animal Breeding and Genetics, Veterinary and Aquaculture expanded our activities to form the first privately owned knowledge-based holding company to provide and produce genetic materials for livestock, poultry, honeybees and fish. Mobarakandish Group is presently producer and provider of semen and embryos of various breeds of dairy and beef cattle, sheep and goats; day old chicks of broiler parent stocks; trout eyed eggs and fingerlings; cryo-tanks to store and transport of liquid nitrogen and oxygen; and equipment used in artificial insemination. We at Mobarakandish Group strongly rely on knowledge and scientific research to help solving problems of producers. We have supported many research projects and graduate researches at universities, especially at the college of Agriculture of University of Tehran. Presently nine undergoing research projects in the areas of Breeding, Genetics and Reproduction of Livestock, Poultry, Fish and Honeybees are being supported by Mobarakandish Group. We expect that the results of these projects will have significant impacts on the economy of our clients.

Our Strategy:

Producing and providing excellent genetic materials using the most up to date knowledge and creative methods to improve the quality of animal products and to maximize our clients’ profit through sustainable production at the farm level.

Our facilities:

1. Our human resources include 135+ highly experienced and knowledgeable employees.

2. We have three active centers for production of genetic materials (semen) of cattle, sheep, goats, and day old chicks for broiler parent stocks. Two other centers are under construction and are expected to be completed by 2018. Mobarakandish Group is working with a collection of breeding companies and providers of equipment at the International level and represents them for technical supports of the clients. Some of the important ones are:

Cooperative Resources International:CRI is the largest cooperative providing services to livestock producers in the USA. It is owned by a large group of farmers across United States. CRI was formed by integrating more than 100 businesses of various sizes. The history of some these businesses date back to 1920’s. CRI employs about 1500 people and is the first producer of dairy and beef semen in the world.

Evolution International:This holding company has more than 50 years of experience in producing genetics materials for dairy and beef cattle as well as dairy and meat goats; and is the largest of its type in France. Evolution International is exporting high quality products to over 70 countries. Other products include genetic materials for rabbits and horses. LABOGENA, the largest molecular genetics lab in the EU, is owned by Evolution International.

Hendrix Genetics: With more than 90 years of history is a leading company in genetic improvement of various species like layers, broilers, turkey and fish. This company is currently employing over 2800 people; and operates farms in 24 countries to produce genetics materials for livestock, poultry and fish.

Troutlodge:is the first and the largest producer of Trout Eyed Eggs in the world and was established in 1945. Annual production is more than 500 million eyed eggs which is exported worldwide. During 70+ years of experience, Troutlodge has introduced many innovative services to the fresh water aquaculture industry for the first time.

OC Flock Management :of Alberta, Canada, is one of the leading companies in applying laparoscopic Artificial Insemination of sheep; and produces high quality semen and embryos of different breeds of sheep such as Romanov.

Cryo Diffusion (France) :was established in 1965 and is now producing new generations of cryo-tanks to store and transport liquid nitrogen and other cold gases. LN2 tanks are used to store and transport frozen semen, embryo, and laboratory specimens in the fields of medicine, veterinary and agriculture.